Request for a feature
Cancel Notification, Telegram Integration, More Payment Options, Add Tax, Custom fields and more basic features of any membership system/platform
Hello, I noticed there are a lot of key features missing here: 1) Cancellation notification: is incredible you don't have this, I have to manually check all my subscribers because I don't receive any notification when someone cancels, it's basic stuff, come on! 2) Paypal/Crypto payments: a lot of people don't use debit/credit cards or don't want to do it because of privacy reasons, please add more payment gateways like Paypal again or payments via crypto 3) Telegram Integration: you have integration with Discord but not Telegram? Part of my membership is giving people access to a Telegram Premium Group. When a member activates his subscription could be granted Telegram access, and when it's cancelled the access should be removed. 4) Stripe tax or the possibility to manually add VAT! This is a must like the cancellation notification, are basic feature when you're working with memberships. Please add a Stripe TAX integration or at least the possibility to upload a CSV with the tax for each country. 5) Custom fields in registration/subscription: once again, a basic for any subscription system. If can't add to my subscribers for something as simple as their country I can't process taxes correctly. Another example would be asking them for their Telegram/Discord username so the onboarding process when you have a group as part of your service could be smoother. 4 of 5 of these features are basic features for any membership service, please try at least to consider them. I'm analyzing moving away from BuyMeaCoffee because I found that the most obvious features are not included and I like the platform, but we need the basics of any membership system to be included. Thank you,
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