🆕 One-Click Create Button
Posting all your content just got easier with the new one-click Create Button.
Go to your page and select the "Create" option from the top navigation bar to start
Best of 2022 (4)
⚡️ Feature Wishlist on your Homepage
Starting today, you can showcase your Wishlists on your Homepage, making it convenient for your supporters to discover and fund the items on your wishlist.
Best of 2022 (5)
🛠 Improvements and Fixes
  • Resolved problems experienced by certain creators regarding the ability to pin comments from members on their creator page.
  • Fixed problem faced by some creators when attempting to send messages to supporters who have redeemed their extras.
🎨 Choose your THEME COLOR
You can now choose the perfect hue to represent your brand. Whether you want to match your logo or simply choose a color that reflects your personality, the Color Picker gives you the freedom to express yourself and stand out.
You can find this option by clicking the Edit Page button on your page.
Best of 2022 (1)
Multiple Discord Roles
With this new feature, you can now assign multiple Discord roles to your members based on their levels of membership on Buy Me a Coffee. This allows you to provide various perks or recognition to members who support your content.
Best of 2022 (2)
Improvements and Fixes
  • The requirement to provide a name when purchasing extras has been removed, enabling users to remain anonymous when claiming their extra.
  • The issue that some users experienced when attempting to schedule a post has been resolved.
  • Other minor improvements.
Upgraded Album Post View ✨
We've given the album post a fresh new look! Now, up to six images can be previewed at a time, providing greater visibility for your supporters.
Best of 2022
Now Available! NEW Sharing Options 🔗
We've given the share option on your creator page a makeover. In addition to the previous options, you can now share your page via email or download a QR code to share with others.
Don't forget to share your Buy Me a Coffee link with your followers on all your socials.
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⭐️ New Features and Improvements for your Membership
1. Improved ‘Choose what you pay’ option
The 'Choose what you pay' option on your membership payment page has been improved, allowing your supporters to more easily select the amount they want to pay.
Untitled design (5)
2. Display the member count and monthly earnings
We've added a new feature to your membership page that allows you to show off your growing community and earnings. Don't worry, if you'd rather not display this information, you can easily turn it off from your dashboard.
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🚀 Just launched: WISHLISTS
Now your supporters can help you buy things you have always wanted to!
What should you add on your list? Well, ANYTHING. How about that camera and mic you badly need for your video set up? Or maybe it’s finally time to buy that iPad. Your fans would love to be a part of your journey!
Go ahead, add something to your Wishlist, share it with your fans, let them support you towards your goals :) 
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