🗂 Categories is finally here
You can now search over 300 niches (or add a new one), giving you a chance to discover more creators and be discovered. You can add categories from the
edit profile
section of your page.
🖋 "One-liner" bio
You can now also add a “one-liner” bio to your page to succinctly let your supporters know what you’re all about or what you’re working on. We've also improved the mobile view with this update.
✔️ Highlight your Membership option
Want to highlight your Membership option? You can choose to make it the default widget (from your Membership settings)! New members can now leave a comment (just like supporters) and will also be listed on the page.
💕 Improved supporter experience
Your supporters get hella love too, as we’re rolling out an improved experience for them. Logged in users/past supporters can now see your latest posts so they can be up to date on what you’re working on.
📸 Introducing Photo Albums, an improved Post Editor, and beautiful social sharing images!
This week our focus was on Publishing tools. Now you get a whole new post editor with less clutter and tons of new features. We're also introducing Photo Albums post type!
Completely new post editor with Markdown support and Intuitive editing features to make writing easier and prettier.
New Image gallery to share all your image content in hi-res with your followers.
New social sharing images that display supporter comments and post titles when shared on the socials.
We've got a surprise next week, stay tuned. 😉
💬 Faster chat, some major bug fixes, and UX improvements
This week our focus was on user feedback and fixing some tiny little issues that affected the user experience, starting from chats all the way to post editor.
  • Chat is now faster than ever, and loads in its own window.
  • Improved media optimization and automatic post-publication in the chat room.
  • Posts duplication while publishing from a slower network has been fixed.
  • No more additional card fees for Apple Pay payments.
  • Likes and comment count display on post single pages have been fixed and polished.
Some fancy new features coming next week, stay tuned. 😉
👨‍🎨 Introducing likes and threaded replies for Posts, and other improvements
A complete restructuring of our core payment services
  • Made changes to our backend to comply with the new SCA regulations implemented all over Europe.
  • Improved payment UX to make the process easier for supporters.
  • New Payment progress indication on the creator page.
New and enhanced community features for posts
  • Introduced like and comments to bring your community closer.
  • Threaded replies for posts to keep your discussions going.
  • A new and attractive Thank you design.
🔒 Faster and more secure than ever!
Yes, we were silent this week, but we were making you even secure and faster in Buy Me A Coffee.
  • Introduced several techniques to prevent Script Injection through creator pages.
  • New geographical IP restrictions and behavior-based triggers to catch fraud even before they happen.
  • All your communications to us via live chat is now end to end encrypted using unique MD5 hashes.
  • Cleaned up our legacy CSS and JavaScript code to load your pages 30% faster than before.
👩‍🔬 Overhauled posts, essential polishing, and other improvements
Introducing a fully-featured Post editor with all essential formating and publishing tools
  • A standalone post editor. ⚙️
  • An improved video embedding that now supports more platforms. 📹
  • Attractive sharing options for Posts. 📨
  • A dedicated single pageview for all content you publish. 📜
Polished and tweaked Membership
  • An improved Special Offer creation. 💸
  • Optimized the payment design to attract more attention to membership. 🧲
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Introducing Memberships
Creators + community + support = membership
We're introducing a new feature for BMC creators today: Membership! You can now create closer relationships with your fans and supporters by activating the Membership feature.
You can set a monthly or yearly price (thus enabling you to project a predictable income), create members-only posts and enable the chat feature where you can interact with your most dedicated supporters-turned-members.
Give it a try! Log in to your buymeacoffee.com account, click "Members" on your dashboard and click "Create a Membership" and you're good to go. Here's to a 2020 filled with the support that your work needs!
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