Improved your post feed and messages tab
Your posts feed just got revamped
, it’s better looking and better functioning after a series of much-needed tweaks.
Redesigned your messaging experience
by adding a new message indicator allowing you to easily respond to important threads.
Membership payment history and an improved Payoneer payout page
  • **
    Updated Payoneer payments
    **, making it easy to connect your account and even easier to request a payout. You'll also have details like account balance and all previous requests on your Payouts page.
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Discord access for each membership level
You can now offer members Discord Access as a reward based on their Membership Level. 🥳
PS - Don't forget to specify the Discord role that should be assigned to a new member by editing your Membership Levels on BMC.
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Membership payment history
You can now view the payments history of your members. Find all payments from a member, including renewals listed out chronologically in a single modal.
Introducing Membership Levels, Direct Messaging, and a new Dashboard 🤯
Multiple levels to boost your membership
The wait is finally over! You asked, and here we are delivering membership levels, easily the most requested feature of all time. 🥳
Levels are made to be different plans of your membership — customized by you — that your fans get to choose from when they visit your creator page. With each level, you can choose a monthly price and a complementary set of rewards.
If you want more info on how to add levels to your membership, check out this support page.
Send direct messages to your supporters
You can now send private messages directly to any of your supporters. This is a great way to deliver rewards, send personal welcome notes, and even get to know your biggest supporters.
Improved Posts tab, Discounted Extras, Twitter Sign-in, and much more! 🦋
A display that looks as good as your posts
The posts page just got a redesign. It’s better looking and better functioning after a series of much-needed tweaks. When your supporters click on a post, it will expand into a full-sized page, displaying your post in vivid detail. Plus, with the arrow button or their keyboard, your supporters will be able to click through the posts and see the rest of your works.
New and improved extras listing
Now, whether you're a visual artist selling a series of illustrations, or an instructor selling your latest video guide, your extras will be arranged better with an intuitive viewing experience for your supporters.
A discounted extra price for members
Looking for a way to encourage your supporters to join your membership? Offering discounts on your extra price encourages page visitors and supporters to level up and subscribe to your page.
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Enhanced supporter count calculation
We are switching to a unique supporter count to help maintain consistency in the number of supporters on all features. Feel free to check out this help guide for a more detailed explanation of how this new count is estimated.
Introducing Twitter signup and login
From now on, you, your supporters, and members can log in to Buy Me a Coffee using a Twitter account! Handy, right?
Additionally, this means that the messages Buy Me a Coffee may occasionally send you about your page will be sent to the email account associated with the Twitter account you are logged in with.
We hope these changes improve your experience on Buy Me a Coffee and help you grow your creative business. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!
Stream Alerts to spotlight your supporters during Live Stream 📺
Use stream alerts to create in-stream pop-ups that appear each time someone supports you on your Livestream.
These alerts give your audience the opportunity to open up a dialogue with you. Use this as a chance to interact with your community and personally thank them when they support you.
Ready to give stream alerts a try? Here’s a quick guide to help you through.
Discord + Buy Me a Coffee! 💛 + 💙
Exclusive access to your community is a powerful way to keep your members coming back for more.
With this integration, we are making it easier to monetize access to your private Discord channels.
Ready to learn how to use the Discord integration with your members? Check out this support article and get started today.
While you are at it, come say hi to us at the Official BMC Discord Server 🤗-
Follow button, cover image, and 5 new features to get you more supporters!
Introducing follow feature!
Your fans and audience now have the chance to follow you on Buy Me a Coffee and get email notifications for all your public posts without having to pay for anything.
You can also make use of the "follow" feature to build a fanbase on your Buy Me a Coffee page, by simply sharing content, without having to connect a payment method.
New and improved cover image
A cover image adds that extra flair to your page and gives you a chance to showcase your brand in the most subtle manner. You can directly upload your cover image or can even use Unsplash to find the perfect picture. 🖼
As always, you can update this image at any time, and play around with what you want to show.
A revised publishing experience
We’re making major upgrades to the way you make posts on Buy Me a Coffee, which includes a total design makeover, an SEO-optimized post slug, and most importantly, a beautiful "Buy Me a Coffee" button below every post.
Categories in posts
Categories are a great way to organize different types of posts to help readers easily navigate and search through your posts history.
Improved Extras listing
Extras are easily one of the best features on Buy Me a Coffee, we have made some tweaks to the way the extras are displayed on your page.
Button with supporter count!
Brand new social share images
We love how you always share thoughtful comments and generous support from your fans in your community. Which is why we have restyled our social share images to match your brand.
We keep a list of these small improvements to make your experience on Buy Me a Coffee increasingly better. Want to share your suggestions? Bring them here, we’d love to hear them.
Say hello to your new homepage and a few other exciting features! 🏰
A brand new home page. ✨
You may have already noticed this while logging into your account that it looked a lot more fun and exciting and daring than before - Yes my friends, this is your brand new homepage!
An improved publishing experience. 📝
We saw an increased hike in the number of posts being published on Buy Me a Coffee and thought it was about time we gave our post editor some tweaks. So here it is, creating posts made simpler and a lot more fun -
A whole new tab for extras. 🛍
Extras have been a hit since the day we launched it! Makes us happy to know our feature has been helping creators sell so many things, things that would have been harder to add to a Shopify list. So, we decided to add all extras to a special page, just for extras rather than them cluttering about on your home page.
Oh, and one more thing, if you want your extra to be displayed on your home page, we have covered that as well.
Simply pin your extra to your home page, by clicking on the "pin this extra" option. You can pin as many extras as you prefer and also remove them anytime with the "Unpin" option -
Membership cancellation log. ䷉
This has been of the most requested features, so we thought why not. The cancellation log can come very handy if you are offering membership perks such as discord access and want to remove members as and when they leave your membership community.
To get the list of canceled members, go to your "Memberships" tab in the "All supporters" list, click on the filter option, and select "Cancelled members". You can also get more details on the cancellation such as the date, the reason for cancellation, etc. by clicking on the specific membership.
Say goodbye to the boring old buttons. 🖌
Your Buy Me a Coffee button just got a design makeover and they be looking stunning now!
You also get to select between 9 different colors (😲 ), two fonts, and there just might be more to come. 😉
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