Your dashboard gets a fresh coat of paint! ✨
Your Buy Me a Coffee dashboard just got a fresh new makeover bringing about an enhanced UX along with a number of added features.
Recent supporters
Stay updated on the latest events on your page using the "Recent supporters" option. Here's you will have all recent transactions on your page from one-time support to extra claims.
A detailed stats page
Once you've started accruing supports, you'll want to learn more about who your supporters are and where they came from to help you reach out in the right places.
We've designed our stats page to bring our creators the best insights into how well you’re performing on Buy Me a Coffee and find out where you could improve.
Notification settings
To ensure that you're only receiving email updates that you want, Buy Me a Coffee allows you to choose which emails you receive from us in your Notification Settings.
2020-08-07 18
Pin your supporter comments
Pin the best comment from your supporters on the top of your page to validate their support as well as to give potential supporters another reason to join your journey!
An updated creator navigation
The creator navigation was updated with the goal of making it easier for you to find and focus on what’s important for your creative business. You’ll see some minor adjustments to how features are grouped in your left-hand menu.
While this could feel like a whole new look, rest assured, we haven't made any drastic functionality changes. So sit back, enjoy the new dashboard, and let us know what you think about it, here:
Our New Dashboard for Creators is LIVE & it looks beautiful!
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As always, if you come across something confusing, just hit us up!
Add more embeds including SoundCloud, Spotify etc. 🔗
Content sharing across platforms made simpler with an updated post editor. Easily embed content from various services including SoundCloud, Vimeo, anchor Podcasts and Spotify Players directly into your Posts -
Search option in posts 🔎
Accessing published content has never been easier. Your supporters can filter among the newest, oldest, most popular posts, and even search for keywords to find exactly what they came for.
Display a message to indicate your donations✨
If you are donating the proceeds from your Buy Me a Coffee page to a cause or a charity, you can now update your page to display a message to your supporters
Send your post as an email 📧
Share an email copy of your post to your supporters or members, each time you publish. Simply select "Notify supporters" before publishing new posts to land them in your supporter's inbox -
Schedule your posts for later
Prepare your posts and instead of clicking the "Publish now" button, click "Schedule" to have them published on a later date.
Accept payments in NZD 💸
A new addition to our evergrowing currency list. Use the currency dropdown in your settings page to select "New Zealand Dollar" and click "Save changes" to start accepting payments in NZD.
🍕 Custom Emoji picker for Onetime support tab
You can now replace "coffee" with anything you like with an emoji to match 🙌
Buy me a (🥐croissant, 🍕pizza, 🍜ramen, 🍩donut, 🍪cookie, 🍺beer, 🍸quarantini 🤷‍♀️)
💰 Introducing Pay what you want (PWYW)
Your supporters can now pick from a custom membership amount when they become a member.
🗂 Categories is finally here
You can now search over 300 niches (or add a new one), giving you a chance to discover more creators and be discovered. You can add categories from the
edit profile
section of your page.
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