I have requests about some Yearly members because they don’t like to have their payment to be automatically renewed after one year.
They ask me to cancel their membership just before the end of the subscription. Of course I can’t manage that!
There should be an option to “auto-renew Yearly subscription” (default to ON?) that the member can turn OFF.
If OFF, it has member access till the end of the yearly subscription and then he has no access anymore. With an email reminder 1 month : 1 week before to remind him he can subscribe for another year or turn on auto renew if he wants to keep access to membership.
This is a very classic thing for yearly subscriptions.
I guess this is less useful for monthly supporters, but why not keep that behavior to be consistent?
This is important to implement this because for everything that deals with money, if our members can’t control what they pay for (and the duration) that can feel uncomfortable and that’s not a good thing for creators reputation.