I really think BMAC has the potential to make every creator's life a lot easier, but currently it's missing too many features for me to to consider ditching Ko-fi and Patreon for it.
I'll list the features separately since I'd gladly ditch even just one of the two if it's become fully replaceable.
First Ko-fi:
  • Show a [Terms] page that has to be read and accepted before someone can buy an extra. The 300 character limit doesn't even remotely offer enough room for that, and without an "I agree" check box it also doesn't feel as binding.
  • Offering multiple example images for extras. Either making it a slideshow or a gallery fans can skim through would give people a much better idea what they can get.
  • Add-ons. Rather than offering 10 variations of mostly the same thing, it would be great if people could select add-ons to a "base" extra.
  • (A way you could be even BETTER than Ko-fi would be to allow descriptions for add-ons (maybe add a [?] button that can be hovered for more information), and allow more than 3 add-ons per extra.)
Now Patreon:
  • Polls. I already saw there's a heavily upvoted post about it on here, but since it's not even "planned" yet, I don't think it would hurt to mention it again. Polls are absolutely vital for my community, and I won't be able to ditch Patreon for BMAC without them.
  • Let member-only posts be "early access". To feel less paywall-y, I like the option to make certain posts accessible to everyone after a certain amount of time has passed.
And more generally:
  • Please increase most of those character limits. I can understand that you don't want users to write entire novels in a description box, but 1000 characters should be acceptable for most purposes. That's still only around 150-200 words.
I know this is quite a hefty list, but please don't interpret this as hate or criticism! I think BMAC has endless potential, and I would love to be able to join you!