Now I have some members, some of them want to cancel their membership and be refunded.
I contacted buymeacoffe support to better understand how it works, and I think it needs to be more clearly explained to everybody
In short, what I understood :
1/ If the user or the creator cancel the user's membership (from their buymeacoffe dashboard "cancel membership" button)
  • user you won't be refunded
  • user won't have automatic renew at the end of the next subscription period (1 month or 1 year)
  • user will keep access as a member until the end of this subscription period
=> This is like a "cancel membership renewal" button... because i fact user is still a member after clicking this button!
2/ If the user want to be refunded he can ask me do to that on Paypal
  • I directly refund the user through Paypal, and he is refunded.
  • but it seems that is is still like a member, this wil NOT cancel its membership immediatly (?!?)
  • and so if the user for example want to subscribe agai later, he won't be able to subscribe again in buymeacoffe until the end of the original period...
=> that's weird, we should not do that!
3/ The user can directly contact buymeacoffe support team to ask for a refund AND an immediate REAL cancellation of its membership
  • user is refunded
  • is is not a member anymore
  • he can subscribe again immediatly if he wants to
=> this is good, but should be possible directly from the creator or user dashboard!
To sum-up:
There are a few things do improve on this, because this is not clear and really confusing for both members and creatirs.
And as a creator, I don't want to spend so many time to manage these subscription / cancellations things!
You should explain better on the dashboards what the "cancel membership" button do or not.
You should do a button like "stop auto-renewal" : user is still a member but will not pay at the end of the period (month or year) and will not be a member anymore after this "due date"
You should do another button like "cancel membership and refund" : user is refunded and is immediatly not a member anymore.
Note that this option should be available only for a certain delay, for example 14 days (like we have here in france to change our mind when we buy something)
To avoir abuse like subscribe for 1 year and ask for refund 1 week before the end.
Or you display a disclaimer message when the user subscribe to tell that he won't be able to ask for a refund after its subscription...
Please consider all this and clarify!
Thanks in advance.