I've been experimenting with the webhooks provided by BuyMeACoffee - I even posted about it on my BMC page. Which for this type of platform, is great to have. Though, its current implementation is sadly rather limited. I would like to request more information be added to the webhook events.
Namely, the optional supporter message and the transaction id, if available. Having the transaction id will make it easier for developers to link an incoming webhook to a specific transaction and if a transaction is later refunded they can act appropriately based on having the transaction id.
A use case for this could be the following, considering I - in this example, have a website where users who have supported get special access. I check - when a coffee purchase event is triggered if, that supporter email is linked to a registered user and associates that event with their account. Granting them additional website access.
Now given a user can support more than once. If a transaction is refunded, disputed, or otherwise rolled back. I would have no specific information tying an event to a specific transaction without querying my database for the specific email and manually searching for that one event.
If the transaction id was included on the other hand. That would serve as a primary key to search for, and it would also link the webhook event to a specific transaction.
So in this case, if a transaction is refunded I can search for that specific transaction id instead.
I would also like to request more events be available through the webhooks. Zapier for instance has triggers for new members and new extra purchases, which would be a nice addition to the webhooks.
Events that would be nice to be able to subscribe to include but are not limited to.
  • New members, who it is, and which type of membership.
  • New extra purchases and which specific purchase it was.
  • Goal reached and which transaction made you reach the goal.
  • Member cancellation/pausing and which member canceled/paused.
  • Membership upgrade/downgrade and which member upgraded/downgraded and the tiers involved.
  • Any type of purchase refunding/dispute and which transaction it was.
These additional webhook events and information will be useful when trying to more closely link BuyMeACoffee to your own community and making the integration between them more seamless.
I hope these are taken into consideration in the future, thank you.