Improved Posts tab, Discounted Extras, Twitter Sign-in, and much more! 🦋
A display that looks as good as your posts
The posts page just got a redesign. It’s better looking and better functioning after a series of much-needed tweaks. When your supporters click on a post, it will expand into a full-sized page, displaying your post in vivid detail. Plus, with the arrow button or their keyboard, your supporters will be able to click through the posts and see the rest of your works.
New and improved extras listing
Now, whether you're a visual artist selling a series of illustrations, or an instructor selling your latest video guide, your extras will be arranged better with an intuitive viewing experience for your supporters.
A discounted extra price for members
Looking for a way to encourage your supporters to join your membership? Offering discounts on your extra price encourages page visitors and supporters to level up and subscribe to your page.
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Enhanced supporter count calculation
We are switching to a unique supporter count to help maintain consistency in the number of supporters on all features. Feel free to check out this help guide for a more detailed explanation of how this new count is estimated.
Introducing Twitter signup and login
From now on, you, your supporters, and members can log in to Buy Me a Coffee using a Twitter account! Handy, right?
Additionally, this means that the messages Buy Me a Coffee may occasionally send you about your page will be sent to the email account associated with the Twitter account you are logged in with.
We hope these changes improve your experience on Buy Me a Coffee and help you grow your creative business. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!